HTML Sidekick

EditRocket contains an HTML sidekick to aid users in quickly editing, creating, and searching HTML code.

The PHP sidekick has 4 tabs. They are the following:

Inserts - This tab contains HTML inserts. More information on HTML inserts can be found on the HTML Code Inserts page.

Tools - The tools tab contains quick links to various HTML tools offered by EditRocket including the HTML Tag Builder, the HTML Tag Navigator, the HTML Entity Selector, the HTML Validator, the HTML Tidy Tool, and CSS and JavaScript tools.

Utils - The utils tab contains links to the various HTML coding utils such as converting selections to hyperlinks, URL encoding selections, URL decoding selections, wrapping selections in tag, HTML entity conversion, etc. See the HTML Utils page for more information.

Tags - The last tab of the HTML sidekick is a tag navigator. This tab displays all tabs in the currently active editor in a clickable list.