EditRocket Documentation

Installation: Installation instructions by operating system for EditRocket.

Complete Feature Reference: Information on features of EditRocket grouped by the menu in which the features are contained.

Coding Tools Information on the coding tools provided by EditRocket such as Code Builders, Code Assistants, Validators, Style and Tag Builders, Function Lookup, List Display Tools, etc.

Search Tools Information on the search tools provided by EditRocket such as Find / Replace, Find / Replace in Files, Tag and Bracket Matching, Bookmarks, etc.

File Tools Information on the file tools provided by EditRocket such as Templates, File Compare, Encodings, Favorites, Regular Expression Search, Head, Tail, etc.

General Tools Information on the general tools provided by EditRocket such as Key Ahead, Zip Utility, Color Chooser, Script/Batch execution, etc.

File System Browser Information on the EditRocket File System Browser.

Preferences Information on all of the user editable preferences for EditRocket.

Plugin Guide Information on the plugin API provided by EditRocket that gives users the ability to add custom enhancements.