HTML Code Inserts

EditRocket provides HTML code inserts, or snippets, via the Inserts - HTML menu option. Code inserts are also included as a tab on the HTML sidekick. The keyboard shortcut of ctrl or cmd + shift + i launched the code insert popup window.

The following types of code inserts are available for HTML:

HTML Templates - These include the following:
HTML 4.01 - Strict
HTML 4.01 - Transitional
XHTML 1.0 - Frameset
XHTML 1.0 - Strict
XHTML 1.0 - Transitional

Tag Inserts - The tag inserts quickly insert the most used tags along with the most common attributes. Tag inserts are available for tags such as body, div, form, head, hyperlink, img, input, etc.

HTML inserts can be modified, or custom HTML inserts can be created using the Insert - Edit Insert and Insert - Add Insert options.