File Tools

EditRocket provides several tools for viewing text from sections of files, searching files, or moving and deleting files. These tools are listed in the File - Tools menu, and are also available via the context menu of the File System Browser. The tools are the following:


The Head tool allows users to view the first so many lines of a file, as specified by the user.

Get Section

The Get Section tool allows users to enter a starting line and ending line and then displays that section of the file to the user.


The Tail tool allows users to view the last so many lines of a file, as specified by the user.


The Search tool allows uses to do a regular expression or normal search on a file. The results of the search display all lines of the file that match the search criteria.


The Size tool displays the size of a selected file in MegaBytes, KiloBytes, and Bytes.

Get Info

The Get Info tool displays the information of a file typical to a ls command on Unix or dir command on Windows.


The Rename tool allows users to rename a file.


The Move tool allows users to move the selected file to a different location on the file system.


The Delete tool allows users to delete a file. On OS X, the file is moved to the trash. On Linux/Unix and Windows, the file is permanently deleted.