Text to HTML Converter

EditRocket provides a text to HTML converter that gives users configurable options for the conversion of text into HTML.

The text to HTML converter is available via the following menu option:

Text -> Text to HTML Converter

The following options are available in the converter:

Line Break Formatting: Users can choose to format text in two ways. Listed below is information on the differences between the two:

Use Paragraphs: This option inserts HTML paragraph tags into the converted HTML by scanning the text for blank lines. A blank line triggers the tool to end the current paragraph and start a new one.

Line Breaks After Each Line: This option preserves the line break formatting of the existing text by inserting HTML line break tags corresponding to each line break in the text.

Preserve All Whitespace: This option preserves the exact whitespacing of the existing document. This includes spaces and tabs. HTML non-breaking white space tags are inserted into the converted HTML to preserve the whitespace.

Convert URLs to Links: This option looks for instances of http:// and https:// links in the text and converts them into HTML link tags in the converted HTML.

Convert ", &, <, > to Entities: This option converts quotes, ampersands, less than signs, and greater than signs into the HTML entity code corresponding to those characters.

Include HTML Header: This option wraps the converted text in properly formatted html, head, title, and body tags.

Page Title: This value of this field is inserted into the HTML title tag if the "Include HTML Header" option is selected.


Text to HTML Converter