File Compare Tool

EditRocket provides a File Compare Tool for comparing two files. The File Compare Tool can be accessed via the File - Compare Files option.

The compare tool displays results in a format similar to the Unix diff tool. For example, changed lines are displayed using changed from and changed to information, and deleted and inserted lines are displayed.

The file compare results window displays clickable buttons next to lines that are different. Clicking on the button takes the user to that particular line number in the file.

The file compare window also has a "Copy Results to Editor" button. This button will open a new editor tab containing the results of the file compare.

If there are multiple tabs open in the editor, selecting the file compare tool will pre-populate the compare from and compare to files with the file in the current active tab and the file corresponding to the editor tab to the right of the active tab. If the last tab is active when selecting file compare, the compare to file will be the file in the tab to the left of the last active tab.