Editor Preferences

Prompt for Save on Close Exit

Determines whether or not to display a confirmation dialog when closing a file that has been modified and has not been saved.

Tab Width

Specifies how many spaces are contained in a tab.

Open Previously Open Files at Startup

Determines whether any files that were open the last time EditRocket was closed are opened again when EditRocket is launched.

Auto Indent

Determines whether EditRocket will attempt to auto-indent based on the previous line's indentation when enter is pressed.

Warn if Modified

Determines whether or not a warning dialog is displayed when a file that is currently open in EditRocket is modified outside of EditRocket.

Show Line Numbers

Determines whether line numbers are displayed in the programming text editor.

Save Caret Position on Exit

Determines whether the caret position of files that are open when EditRocket is closed are saved so that the next time EditRocket is launched, the caret position is set to the previous setting.

Show Hidden Files in File System Browser

Determines whether or not to display files that would normally be hidden, such as files starting with a period, in the file system browser.

Highlight Current Line

Determines whether the current line in the programming text editor is highlighted.

Word Wrap

Determines whether words are automatically wrapped to the next line after reaching the specified word wrap column.

Word Wrap At Column

Determines the column at which words will automatically be wrapped to the next line.

Show Word Wrap Guide

For fixed width fonts, show a guide that displays where the word wrap column is.

Backup on Save

Determines whether to create a backup file of the previous version of the file being saved when a save is done.

Max Number of Backups

The maximum number of backups to keep for the Backup on Save option.

Backup Directory

Allows users to specify a directory to store all backups.

Default Line Separator

The default line separator to use for files, OS X / Unix, Windows, or Mac Classic.

Default File Encoding

The default file encoding to use when opening and saving files.