Java Sidekick

EditRocket contains a Java sidekick to aid users in quickly editing, creating, and searching Java code.

The Java sidekick has 4 tabs. They are the following:

Inserts - This tab contains Java inserts. More information on Java inserts can be found on the Java Code Inserts page.

Tools - The tools tab contains quick links to various Java tools offered by EditRocket including the Java Source Code Builder, the Java Method Navigator, a compile tool for compiling Java code, a method lookup tool, a Set Classpath option, and a tool to execute Java programs.

Utils - The utils tab contains information on the following coding utils such as generating get and set methods for a class, the open selected class in editor option, which searches the classpath for the currently selected class name and then if found, opens it in the editor, and the wrap selection in a try / catch block util.

Methods - The last tab of the Java sidekick displays all methods in the currently active editor in a clickable list. Clicking on a method takes the user directly to the start of the method in the Java source.