PHP Auto Completion

EditRocket will automatically display a tooltip displaying function signatures for PHP functions in the standard PHP library. After typing a function name and the start right paren, EditRocket will wait for the auto completion delay and then display the function signature if the function is recognized.

For example, after typing mysql_connect( in the PHP editor, EditRocket will display the complete function signature for the mysql_connect function including whether or not certain parameters are required, etc.

EditRocket is aware of thousands of PHP library functions and supports auto completion for all of these. Any function referenced in the EditRocket PHP code builder tool is supported.

EditRocket can also auto complete curly braces ({) and align the closed brace properly in your source code file. After typing an opening curly brace, EditRocket will determine the indentation and positioning of where the close brace should go and insert it into the editor.

Whether or not to do the PHP function signature display can be configured in the Preferences - Auto Complete tag using the Auto Signature Display . . . setting. The PHP auto completion delay can also be configured here.