Java Auto Completion

After typing a (.) in a Java program, EditRocket will try to determine whether the (.) was typed after a variable representing an Object or a Class. If EditRocket determines that the (.) followed a valid Java Object or Class, it will search the Java classpath (can be set in Tools - Java - Set Classpath) to try to find any methods, constructors, and fields for the Class or Object. If found, EditRocket will display the list of constructors, fields, and methods. Clicking on a item in the display list will copy the item to the editor and display a tooltip with any signature information about the item.

For example, typing String. will bring up a list of the constructors, fields, and methods for java.lang.String. Typing String s = ""; s. will do the same. Once one of the methods is selected, for example substring, EditRocket will display a tooltip with the method signature for the substring method.

JSP Auto Completion

After type a (.) in a JSP page, if the cursor is inside a JSP script block, EditRocket will perform the same type of auto completion done for Java files.

To make sure that the auto complete tool can find all applicable classes you may be working with, make sure to tell EditRocket about your Java classpath in the Tools - Java - Set classpath menu option.