HTML Auto Completion

After typing an opening tag character in the HTML editor, after the auto-completion delay (which is configurable in the preferences), EditRocket will display a list of the applicable HTML tags in a selectable list. Selecting a tag inserts the tag into the editor.

After typing a closing tag character for an opening HTML tag, EditRocket will automatically insert the appropriate closing tag.

EditRocket also looks up tags when the first two characters of an HTML closing tag are typed, i.e. />
When the first two characters of the closing tag are typed, EditRocket will attempt to determine the previous open tag and display the closing tag for that tag at the top of the list.

If inside a script block on an HTML page, EditRocket will perform JavaScript auto completion. For example, typing document. will bring up a list of all the JavaScript methods on the document object such as document.open, etc.

In the Auto Complete Preferences tab, auto completion / auto lookup can be turned off or on for opening tags, closing tags, and periods (when inside script blocks). The delays for how long EditRocket should wait before displaying auto completion / lookup information can also be configured.