How to Work with Local Web Servers

EditRocket provides tools executing programs / scripts on local web servers for the following programming langauges:

  • JSP
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby

In order to execute the program on the local web server, EditRocket needs information about the local web server such as where files that run on the local web server are stored, and the URL of the local web server.

The information for the local web server for the above programming languages can be specified using the Tools -> Set Local Web Server Properties menu option.

For each language, EditRocket needs the following information:

Local Web Server URL: - Enter the URL of the local web server. For example, http://localhost

Document Root: - Enter the location on the file system that is the root directory for files for the local web server.

Based on the local web server URL and the document root, EditRocket will build a URL to send to the system's default web browser. If the currently edited file is contained within a directory that is part of the local web server's document tree, EditRocket will simply construct the proper URL for displaying the file.

If the file is not contained within the web server's document tree, EditRocket will create a temporary file. The directory chosen for the temporary file will be based on analyzing the path of the currently edited file, and the path of the web server document root.