Python Function Lookup

The EditRocket Python function lookup tool can be launched using the function lookup keyboard shortcut (by default, ctrl or cmd L) when the selected language type or the current file is a Python file. The function lookup tool can also be launched via the toolbar if the function lookup icon is configured to be part of the toolbar.

Python function lookup works by displaying a small, non-modal popup window containing a list of the Python standard library functions. Users can automatically be taken to functions starting with a certain letter by typing that letter. Continued typing of the function name will take the user closer to the appropriate function.

The function can be selected from the window using either the space or enter key. Once selected, the function name will be copied to the editor, and a tooltip with the function signature information will be displayed. Upon typing a closing parenthesis, the tooltip will be closed.

To close the function lookup window without selecting a function, the escape or backspace key can be typed.

EditRocket currently contains Python function information hundreds of Python modules.