Python Code Inserts

EditRocket provides Python code inserts, or snippets, via the Inserts - Python menu option. Code inserts are also included as a tab on the Python sidekick. The keyboard shortcut of ctrl or cmd + shift + i launched the code insert popup window.

The following types of code inserts are available for Python:

Statements - This includes if, if else, and if elif else statements.

For Loops

Try Except


Selecting an insert with insert the text associated to the insert into the current position of the active editor. For example, selecting the Python try except insert will insert the following:

except (exception_handler):

The "variable" piece of the inserted text will be highlighted allowing the user to type in a variable name without having to click or highlight text.

Python inserts can be modified, or custom Python inserts can be created using the Insert - Edit Insert and Insert - Add Insert options.