Ruby Zlib::GzipWriter Functions

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comment=(p1) - ???

flush" flush(flush=nil) - Flushes all the internal buffers of the GzipWriter object. The meaning of flush is same as in Zlib::Deflate#deflate. Zlib::SYNC_FLUSH is used if flush is omitted. It is no use giving flush Zlib::NO_FLUSH.

mtime=(p1) - ???

new", level, strategy) - Creates a GzipWriter object associated with io. level and strategy should be the same as the arguments of The GzipWriter object writes gzipped data to io. At least, io must respond to the write method that behaves same as write method in IO class.

open", level=nil, strategy=nil) - Opens a file specified by filename for writing gzip compressed data, and returns a GzipWriter object associated with that file. Further details of this method are found in and Zlib::GzipWriter#wrap.

orig_name=(p1) - ???

pos() - ???

print(...) - "Document-method: print Same as IO."

printf(...) - "Document-method: printf Same as IO."

putc(p1) - Same as IO.

puts(...) - "Document-method: puts Same as IO."

tell() - ???

write(p1) - Same as IO.