Ruby Vector Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Vector functions in the Ruby source code builder.

clone() - Return a copy of the vector.

coerce(other) - "FIXME: describe Vector#coerce."

collect( {|e| ...} - Like Array#collect.

collect2(v) - Collects (as in Enumerable#collect) over the elements of this vector and v in conjunction.

compare_by(elements) - For internal use.

covector() - Creates a single-row matrix from this vector.

each2(v) - Iterate over the elements of this vector and v in conjunction.

elements(array, copy = true) - Creates a vector from an Array. The optional second argument specifies whether the array itself or a copy is used internally.

eqn?(other) - "Alias for #=="

hash() - Return a hash-code for the vector.

init_elements(array, copy) - For internal use.

inner_product(v) - Returns the inner product of this vector with the other.

inspect() - Overrides Object#inspect

map( - "Alias for #collect"

map2(v) - Like Vector#collect2, but returns a Vector instead of an Array.

new(method, array, copy) - For internal use.

r() - Returns the modulus (Pythagorean distance) of the vector.

size() - Returns the number of elements in the vector.

to_a() - Returns the elements of the vector in an array.

to_s() - Overrides Object#to_s