Ruby SM::ToFlow Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on SM::ToFlow functions in the Ruby source code builder.

accept_blank_line(am, fragment) -

accept_heading(am, fragment) -

accept_list_end(am, fragment) -

accept_list_item(am, fragment) -

accept_list_start(am, fragment) -

accept_paragraph(am, fragment) -

accept_rule(am, fragment) -

accept_verbatim(am, fragment) -

add_tag(name, start, stop) - Add a new set of HTML tags for an attribute. We allow separate start and end tags for flexibility

annotate(tag) - Given an HTML tag, decorate it with class information and the like if required. This is a no-op in the base class, but is overridden in HTML output classes that implement style sheets

end_accepting() -

init_tags() - Set up the standard mapping of attributes to HTML tags

new() -

start_accepting() - Here's the client side of the visitor pattern