Ruby SM::AttributeManager Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on SM::AttributeManager functions in the Ruby source code builder.

add_html(tag, name) -

add_special(pattern, name) -

add_word_pair(start, stop, name) -

attribute(turn_on, turn_off) - Return an attribute object with the given turn_on and turn_off bits set

change_attribute(current, new) -

changed_attribute_by_name(current_set, new_set) -

convert_attrs(str, attrs) - Map attributes like textto the sequence \001\002<char>\001\003<char>, where <char> is a per-attribute specific character

convert_html(str, attrs) -

convert_specials(str, attrs) -

copy_string(start_pos, end_pos) -

display_attributes() -

flow(str) -

mask_protected_sequences() -

new() -

split_into_flow() -

unmask_protected_sequences() -