Ruby RUNIT::Assert Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on RUNIT::Assert functions in the Ruby source code builder.

assert_equal_float(expected, actual, delta, message="") -

assert_exception(exception, message="", &block) -

assert_fail(message="") -

assert_match(actual_string, expected_re, message="") - To deal with the fact that RubyUnit does not check that the regular expression is, indeed, a regular expression, if it is not, we do our own assertion using the same semantics as RubyUnit

assert_matches(*args) -

assert_no_exception(*args, &block) -

assert_not_match(actual_string, expected_re, message="") -

assert_not_nil(actual, message="") -

assert_respond_to(method, object, message="") -

assert_send(object, method, *args) -

called_internally?() -

setup_assert() -