Ruby RI::TextFormatter Functions

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blankline() -

bold_print(txt) -

break_to_newline() - called when we want to ensure a nbew 'wrap' starts on a newline Only needed for HtmlFormatter, because the rest do their own line breaking

conv_html(txt) - convert HTML entities back to ASCII

conv_markup(txt) - convert markup into display form

display_flow(flow) -

display_flow_item(item, prefix=@indent) -

display_heading(text, level, indent) -

display_list(list) -

display_verbatim_flow_item(item, prefix=@indent) -

draw_line(label=nil) -

for(name) -

list() -

new(options, indent) -

raw_print_line(txt) -

strip_attributes(txt) -

wrap(txt, prefix=@indent, linelen=@width) -