Ruby Rinda::TupleSpace Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Rinda::TupleSpace functions in the Ruby source code builder.

move(port, tuple, sec=nil) - Moves tuple to port.

new(period=60) - Creates a new TupleSpace. period is used to control how often to look for dead tuples after modifications to the TupleSpace.

notify(event, tuple, sec=nil) - Registers for notifications of event. Returns a NotifyTemplateEntry. See NotifyTemplateEntry for examples of how to listen for notifications.

read(tuple, sec=nil) - Reads tuple, but does not remove it.

read_all(tuple) - Returns all tuples matching tuple. Does not remove the found tuples.

take(tuple, sec=nil, &block) - Removes tuple

write(tuple, sec=nil) - Adds tuple