Ruby Rinda::TupleEntry Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Rinda::TupleEntry functions in the Ruby source code builder.

alive?() - A TupleEntry is dead when it is canceled or expired.

cancel() - Marks this TupleEntry as canceled.

canceled?() - Returns the canceled status.

expired?() - Has this tuple expired? (true/false).

fetch(key) - Fetches key from the tuple.

make_expires(sec=nil) - "Returns an expiry Time based on sec which can be one of:"

make_tuple(ary) - Creates a Rinda::Tuple for ary.

new(ary, sec=nil) - Creates a TupleEntry based on ary with an optional renewer or expiry time sec.

renew(sec_or_renewer) - Reset the expiry time according to sec_or_renewer.

size() - The size of the tuple.

value() - "Return the object which makes up the tuple itself: the Array or Hash."