Ruby RI::ClassEntry Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on RI::ClassEntry functions in the Ruby source code builder.

add_path(path) - We found this class in more tha one place, so add in the name from there.

all_method_names() - Return a list of all out method names

classes_and_modules() -

contained_class_named(name) - Return an exact match to a particular name

contained_modules_matching(name) - Return a list of any classes or modules that we contain that match a given string

full_name() - Return our full name

load_from(dir) - read in our methods and any classes and modules in our namespace. Methods are stored in files called name-c|i.yaml, where the 'name' portion is the external form of the method name and the c|i is a class|instance flag

methods_matching(name, is_class_method) - return the list of local methods matching name We're split into two because we need distinct behavior when called from the toplevel

new(path_name, name, in_class) -

recursively_find_methods_matching(name, is_class_method) - Find methods matching 'name' in ourselves and in any classes we contain