Ruby REXML::Text Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on REXML::Text functions in the Ruby source code builder.

clone() -

empty?() -

indent_text(string, level=1, style="\t", indentfirstline=true) -

inspect() -

new(arg, respect_whitespace=false, parent=nil, raw=nil, entity_filter=nil, illegal=ILLEGAL ) - Constructor arg if a String, the content is set to the String. If a Text, the object is shallowly cloned.

node_type() -

normalize( input, doctype=nil, entity_filter=nil ) - Escapes all possible entities

read_with_substitution( input, illegal=nil ) - Reads text, substituting entities

to_s() - Returns the string value of this text node. This string is always escaped, meaning that it is a valid XML text node string, and all entities that can be escaped, have been inserted. This method respects the entity filter set in the constructor.

unnormalize( string, doctype=nil, filter=nil, illegal=nil ) - Unescapes all possible entities

value=( val ) - Sets the contents of this text node. This expects the text to be unnormalized. It returns self.

value() - Returns the string value of this text. This is the text without entities, as it might be used programmatically, or printed to the console. This ignores the 'raw' attribute setting, and any entity_filter.

wrap(string, width, addnewline=false) -

write( writer, indent=-1, transitive=false, ie_hack=false ) - See REXML::Formatters

write_with_substitution(out, input) - Writes out text, substituting special characters beforehand. out A String, IO, or any other object supporting <<( String ) input the text to substitute and the write out

xpath() - FIXME This probably won't work properly