Ruby REXML::Attribute Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on REXML::Attribute functions in the Ruby source code builder.

clone() - Returns a copy of this attribute

element=( element ) - Sets the element of which this object is an attribute. Normally, this is not directly called.

hash() - Creates (and returns) a hash from both the name and value

inspect() -

namespace(arg=nil) - Returns the namespace URL, if defined, or nil otherwise

new( first, second=nil, parent=nil ) - "Constructor. FIXME: The parser doesn't catch illegal characters in attributes"

node_type() -

prefix() - Returns the namespace of the attribute.

remove() - Removes this Attribute from the tree, and returns true if successfull

to_s() - Returns the attribute value, with entities replaced

to_string() - Returns this attribute out as XML source, expanding the name

value() - Returns the UNNORMALIZED value of this attribute. That is, entities have been expanded to their values

write( output, indent=-1 ) - Writes this attribute (EG, puts 'key="value"' to the output)

xpath() -