Ruby RDoc::Context Functions

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add_alias(an_alias) -

add_attribute(an_attribute) -

add_class(class_type, name, superclass) -

add_class_or_module(collection, class_type, name, superclass=nil) -

add_constant(const) -

add_include(an_include) -

add_method(a_method) -

add_module(class_type, name) -

add_require(a_require) - Requires always get added to the top-level (file) context

add_to(array, thing) -

classes() - map the class hash to an array externally

defined_in?(file) - Return true if at least part of this thing was defined in file

each_attribute() -

each_classmodule() - Iterate over all the classes and modules in this object

each_constant() -

each_method() -

find_enclosing_module_named(name) - find a module at a higher scope

find_local_symbol(symbol) -

find_module_named(name) - Find a named module

find_symbol(symbol, method=nil) - Look up the given symbol. If method is non-nil, then we assume the symbol references a module that contains that method

initialize_classes_and_modules() -

initialize_methods_etc() -

modules() - map the module hash to an array externally

new() -

ongoing_visibility=(vis) - Change the default visibility for new methods

record_location(toplevel) - Record the file that we happen to find it in

remove_classes_and_modules() - "and remove classes and modules when we see a :nodoc: all"

remove_methods_etc() - If a class's documentation is turned off after we've started collecting methods etc., we need to remove the ones we have

set_current_section(title, comment) - Handle sections

set_visibility_for(methods, vis, singleton=false) - Given an array methods of method names, set the visibility of the corresponding AnyMethod object

toplevel() - Return the toplevel that owns us