Ruby RDoc::CodeObject Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on RDoc::CodeObject functions in the Ruby source code builder.

attr_overridable(name, *aliases) - There's a wee trick we pull. Comment blocks can have directives that override the stuff we extract during the parse. So, we have a special class method, attr_overridable, that lets code objects list those directives. Wehn a comment is assigned, we then extract out any matching directives and update our object

comment=(comment) - Update the comment, but don't overwrite a real comment with an empty one

document_children=(val) -

document_self=(val) -

new() -

remove_classes_and_modules() - Default callbacks to nothing, but this is overridden for classes and modules

remove_methods_etc() -

start_doc() - "set and cleared by :startdoc: and :enddoc:, this is used to toggle the capturing of documentation"

stop_doc() -