Ruby Queue Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Queue functions in the Ruby source code builder.

clear() - Removes all objects from the queue.

deq(non_block=false) - "Alias for #pop"

empty?() - Returns true is the queue is empty.

enq(obj) - "Alias for #push"

length() - Returns the length of the queue.

new() - Creates a new queue.

num_waiting() - Returns the number of threads waiting on the queue.

pop(non_block=false) - Retrieves data from the queue. If the queue is empty, the calling thread is suspended until data is pushed onto the queue. If non_block is true, the thread isn't suspended, and an exception is raised.

push(obj) - Pushes obj to the queue.

shift(non_block=false) - "Alias for #pop"

size() - "Alias for #length"