Ruby Proc Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Proc functions in the Ruby source code builder.

arity - Returns the number of arguments that would not be ignored. If the block is declared to take no arguments, returns 0. If the block is known to take exactly n arguments, returns n. If the block has optional arguments, return -n-1, where n is the number of mandatory arguments. A proc with no argument declarations is the same a block declaring || as its arguments.

binding - Returns the binding associated with prc. Note that Kernel#eval accepts either a Proc or a Binding object as its second parameter.

call(params,...) - Invokes the block, setting the block's parameters to the values in params using something close to method calling semantics. Generates a warning if multiple values are passed to a proc that expects just one (previously this silently converted the parameters to an array).

clone() - "MISSING: documentation"

dup() - "MISSING: documentation"

new - Creates a new Proc object, bound to the current context. Proc::new may be called without a block only within a method with an attached block, in which case that block is converted to the Proc object.

to_proc - Part of the protocol for converting objects to Proc objects. Instances of class Proc simply return themselves.

to_s - Shows the unique identifier for this proc, along with an indication of where the proc was defined.