Ruby Net::POPMail Functions

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all( dest = '' ) - "Alias for #pop"

delete!() - "Alias for #delete"

delete() - Marks a message for deletion on the server. Deletion does not actually occur until the end of the session; deletion may be cancelled for all marked messages by calling POP3#reset().

deleted?() - True if the mail has been deleted.

header( dest = '' ) - Fetches the message header.

inspect() - Provide human-readable stringification of class state.

mail( dest = '' ) - "Alias for #pop"

pop( dest = '' ) - This method fetches the message. If called with a block, the message is yielded to the block one chunk at a time. If called without a block, the message is returned as a String. The optional dest argument will be prepended to the returned String; this argument is essentially obsolete.

top( lines, dest = '' ) - Fetches the message header and lines lines of body.

uidl() - "Alias for #unique_id"

unique_id() - Returns the unique-id of the message. Normally the unique-id is a hash string of the message.