Ruby Kconv Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Kconv functions in the Ruby source code builder.

guess(str) - Guess input encoding by NKF.guess2

guess_old(str) - Guess input encoding by NKF.guess1

iseuc(str) - Returns whether input encoding is EUC-JP or not.

issjis(str) - Returns whether input encoding is Shift_JIS or not.

isutf8(str) - Returns whether input encoding is UTF-8 or not.

kconv(str, out_code, in_code = Kconv::AUTO) - Convert str to out_code. out_code and in_code are given as constants of Kconv.

toeuc(str) - Convert str to EUC-JP

tojis(str) - Convert str to ISO-2022-JP

tosjis(str) - Convert str to Shift_JIS

toutf16(str) - Convert str to UTF-16

toutf8(str) - Convert str to UTF-8