Ruby Generators::HyperlinkHtml Functions

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gen_url(url, text) - "Generate a hyperlink for url, labeled with text. Handle the special cases for img: and link: described under handle_special_HYPEDLINK"

handle_special_CROSSREF(special) - "We're invoked when any text matches the CROSSREF pattern (defined in MarkUp). If we fine the corresponding reference, generate a hyperlink. If the name we're looking for contains no punctuation, we look for it up the module/class chain. For example, HyperlinkHtml is found, even without the Generators:: prefix, because we look for it in module Generators first."

handle_special_HYPERLINK(special) - "And we're invoked with a potential external hyperlink mailto: just gets inserted. http: links are checked to see if they reference an image. If so, that image gets inserted using an <img> tag. Otherwise a conventional <a href> is used. We also support a special type of hyperlink, link:, which is a reference to a local file whose path is relative to the --op directory."

handle_special_TIDYLINK(special) - HEre's a hypedlink where the label is different to the URL

new(from_path, context) - We need to record the html path of our caller so we can generate correct relative paths for any hyperlinks that we find