Ruby Generators::HtmlMethod Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Generators::HtmlMethod functions in the Ruby source code builder.

add_line_numbers(src) - we rely on the fact that the first line of a source code listing has

aliases() -

all_methods() -

aref() -

as_href(from_path) - return a reference to outselves to be used as an href= the form depends on whether we're all in one file or in multiple files

call_seq() -

create_source_code_file(code_body) -

description() -

document_self() -

find_symbol(symbol, method=nil) -

index_name() -

markup_code(tokens) - Given a sequence of source tokens, mark up the source code to make it look purty.

name() -

new(context, html_class, options) -

params() -

parent_name() -

path() -

reset() -

section() -

singleton() -

visibility() -