Ruby Generators::ContextUser Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Generators::ContextUser functions in the Ruby source code builder.

add_table_of_sections() - create table of contents if we contain sections

aref_to(target) -

as_href(from_path) - return a reference to outselves to be used as an href= the form depends on whether we're all in one file or in multiple files

build_alias_summary_list(section) - Build a list of aliases for which we couldn't find a corresponding method

build_class_list(level, from, section, infile=nil) - Build the structured list of classes and modules contained in this context.

build_constants_summary_list(section) - Build a list of constants

build_include_list(context) -

build_method_detail_list(section) - Build an array of arrays of method details. The outer array has up to six entries, public, private, and protected for both class methods, the other for instance methods. The inner arrays contain a hash for each method

build_method_summary_list(path_prefix="") - Build a summary list of all the methods in this context

build_requires_list(context) -

collect_methods() - Create a list of HtmlMethod objects for each method in the corresponding context object. If the @options.show_all variable is set (corresponding to the --all option, we include all methods, otherwise just the public ones.

diagram_reference(diagram) -

document_self() -

find_symbol(symbol, method=nil) - Find a symbol in ourselves or our parent

href(link, cls, name) - convenience method to build a hyperlink

new(context, options) -

potentially_referenced_list(array) - "Build a list from an array of Htmlxxx items. Look up each in the AllReferences hash: if we find a corresponding entry, we generate a hyperlink to it, otherwise just output the name. However, some names potentially need massaging. For example, you may require a Ruby file without the .rb extension, but the file names we know about may have it. To deal with this, we pass in a block which performs the massaging, returning an array of alternative names to match"

url(target) -