Ruby Finalizer Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Finalizer functions in the Ruby source code builder.

add_dependency(obj, dependant, method = :finalize, *opt) - add dependency R_method(obj, dependant)

delete_all_by_dependant(dependant) - delete dependency R_*(*, dependant)

delete_all_dependency(id, dependant) - delete dependency R_*(obj, dependant)

delete_by_dependant(dependant, method = :finalize) - delete dependency R_method(*, dependant)

delete_dependency(id, dependant, method = :finalize) - delete dependency R_method(obj, dependant)

finalize_all() - finalize all dependants registered to the Finalizer.

finalize_all_by_dependant(dependant) - finalize all dependants connected by dependency R_*(*, dependtant)

finalize_all_dependency(id, dependant) - finalize all dependants connected by dependency R_*(obj, dependtant)

finalize_by_dependant(dependant, method = :finalize) - finalize the dependant connected by dependency R_method(*, dependtant)

finalize_dependency(id, dependant, method = :finalize) - finalize the depandant connected by dependency R_method(obj, dependtant)

safe() - method to call finalize_* safely.