Ruby ERB Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on ERB functions in the Ruby source code builder.

new(str, safe_level=nil, trim_mode=nil, eoutvar='_erbout') - Constructs a new ERB object with the template specified in str.

result(b=TOPLEVEL_BINDING) - Executes the generated ERB code to produce a completed template, returning the results of that code. (See ERB#new for details on how this process can be affected by safe_level.)

run(b=TOPLEVEL_BINDING) - Generate results and print them. (see ERB#result)

set_eoutvar(compiler, eoutvar = '_erbout') - Can be used to set eoutvar as described in ERB#new. It's probably easier to just use the constructor though, since calling this method requires the setup of an ERB compiler object.

version() - Returns revision information for the erb.rb module.