Ruby DRb::DRbTCPSocket Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on DRb::DRbTCPSocket functions in the Ruby source code builder.

accept() - "On the server side, for an instance returned by #open_server, accept a client connection and return a new instance to handle the server's side of this client-server session."

alive?() - Check to see if this connection is alive.

close() - Close the connection.

getservername() -

new(uri, soc, config={}) - Create a new DRbTCPSocket instance.

open(uri, config) - Open a client connection to uri using configuration config.

open_server(uri, config) - Open a server listening for connections at uri using configuration config.

open_server_inaddr_any(host, port) -

peeraddr() - Get the address of our TCP peer (the other end of the socket we are bound to.

recv_reply() - On the client side, receive a reply from the server.

recv_request() - On the server side, receive a request from the client.

send_reply(succ, result) - On the server side, send a reply to the client.

send_request(ref, msg_id, arg, b) - On the client side, send a request to the server.

stream() - Get the socket.

uri_option(uri, config) - Parse uri into a [uri, option] pair.