Ruby DRb Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on DRb functions in the Ruby source code builder.

config() - Get the configuration of the current server.

current_server() - Get the 'current' server.

fetch_server(uri) -

front() - Get the front object of the current server.

here?(uri) - Is uri the URI for the current local server?

install_acl(acl) - Set the default acl.

install_id_conv(idconv) - Set the default id conv object.

regist_server(server) -

remove_server(server) -

start_service(uri=nil, front=nil, config=nil) - Start a dRuby server locally.

stop_service() - Stop the local dRuby server.

thread() - Get the thread of the primary server.

to_id(obj) - Get a reference id for an object using the current server.

to_obj(ref) - Convert a reference into an object using the current server.

uri() - Get the URI defining the local dRuby space.