Ruby Bignum Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Bignum functions in the Ruby source code builder.

abs - Returns the absolute value of big.

coerce(p1) - "MISSING: documentation"

div(other) - Divides big by other, returning the result.

divmod(numeric) - See Numeric#divmod.

eql?(obj) - Returns true only if obj is a Bignum with the same value as big. Contrast this with Bignum#==, which performs type conversions.

hash - Compute a hash based on the value of big.

modulo(other) - Returns big modulo other. See Numeric.divmod for more information.

new -

power!(p1) - "Alias for #**"

quo(other) - If Rational is defined, returns a Rational number instead of a Bignum.

rdiv(p1) - "Alias for #quo"

remainder(numeric) - Returns the remainder after dividing big by numeric.

rpower(other) - Returns a Rational number if the result is in fact rational (i.e. other < 0).

size - Returns the number of bytes in the machine representation of big.

to_f - Converts big to a Float. If big doesn't fit in a Float, the result is infinity.

to_s(base=10) - Returns a string containing the representation of big radix base (2 through 36).