Ruby Benchmark::Tms Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on Benchmark::Tms functions in the Ruby source code builder.

add!() - "An in-place version of #add."

add() - Returns a new Tms object whose times are the sum of the times for this Tms object, plus the time required to execute the code block (blk).

format(arg0 = nil, *args) - "Returns the contents of this Tms object as a formatted string, according to a format string like that passed to Kernel.format. In addition, #format accepts the following extensions:"

new(u = 0.0, s = 0.0, cu = 0.0, cs = 0.0, real = 0.0, l = nil) - Returns an initialized Tms object which has u as the user CPU time, s as the system CPU time, cu as the children's user CPU time, cs as the children's system CPU time, real as the elapsed real time and l as the label.

to_a() - Returns a new 6-element array, consisting of the label, user CPU time, system CPU time, children's user CPU time, children's system CPU time and elapsed real time.

to_s() - "Same as #format."