Python tempfile Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on tempfile functions in the Python source code builder.

NamedTemporaryFile([mode='w+b'[, bufsize=-1[, suffix[, prefix[, dir]]]]]) - This function operates exactly as TemporaryFile() does, except that the file is guaranteed to have a visible name in the file system (on Unix, the directory entry is not unlinked).

TemporaryFile([mode='w+b'[, bufsize=-1[, suffix[, prefix[, dir]]]]]) - Return a file (or file-like) object that can be used as a temporary storage area.

gettempdir() - Return the directory currently selected to create temporary files in.

gettempprefix() - Return the filename prefix used to create temporary files.

mkdtemp([suffix[, prefix[, dir]]]) - Creates a temporary directory in the most secure manner possible.

mkstemp([suffix[, prefix[, dir[, text]]]]) - Creates a temporary file in the most secure manner possible.

mktemp([suffix[, prefix[, dir]]]) - Deprecated since release 2.