Python shutil Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on shutil functions in the Python source code builder.

copy(src, dst) - Copy the file src to the file or directory dst.

copy2(src, dst) - Similar to copy(), but last access time and last modification time are copied as well.

copyfile(src, dst) - Copy the contents of the file named src to a file named dst.

copyfileobj(fsrc, fdst[, length]) - Copy the contents of the file-like object fsrc to the file-like object fdst.

copymode(src, dst) - Copy the permission bits from src to dst.

copystat(src, dst) - Copy the permission bits, last access time, and last modification time from src to dst.

copytree(src, dst[, symlinks]) - Recursively copy an entire directory tree rooted at src.

move(src, dst) - Recursively move a file or directory to another location.

rmtree(path[, ignore_errors[, onerror]]) -