Python new Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on new functions in the Python source code builder.

classobj(name, baseclasses, dict) - This function returns a new class object, with name name, derived from baseclasses (which should be a tuple of classes) and with namespace dict.

code(argcount, nlocals, stacksize, flags, codestring, constants, names, varnames, filename, name, firstlineno, lnotab) - This function is an interface to the PyCode_New() C function.

function(code, globals[, name[, argdefs[, closure]]]) - Returns a (Python) function with the given code and globals.

instance(class[, dict]) - This function creates an instance of class with dictionary dict without calling the __init__() constructor.

instancemethod(function, instance, class) - This function will return a method object, bound to instance, or unbound if instance is None.

module(name[, doc]) - This function returns a new module object with name name.