Python msilib Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on msilib functions in the Python source code builder.

CreateRecord(count) - Return a new record object by calling MSICreateRecord.

FCICreate(cabname, files) - Create a new CAB file named cabname.

OpenDatabase(path, persist) - Return a new database object by calling MsiOpenDatabase.

UUIDCreate() - Return the string representation of a new unique identifier.

add_data(database, records) - Add all records to database.

add_stream(database, name, path) - Add the file path into the _Stream table of database, with the stream name name.

gen_uuid() - Return a new UUID, in the format that MSI typically requires (i.

init_database(name, schema, ProductName, ProductCode, ProductVersion, Manufacturer) - Create and return a new database name, initialize it with schema, and set the properties ProductName, ProductCode, ProductVersion, and Manufacturer.