Python gc Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on gc functions in the Python source code builder.

collect([generation]) - With no arguments, run a full collection.

disable() - Disable automatic garbage collection.

enable() - Enable automatic garbage collection.

get_count() - Return the current collection counts as a tuple of (count0, count1, count2).

get_debug() - Return the debugging flags currently set.

get_objects() - Returns a list of all objects tracked by the collector, excluding the list returned.

get_referents(*objs) - Return a list of objects directly referred to by any of the arguments.

get_referrers(*objs) - Return the list of objects that directly refer to any of objs.

get_threshold() - Return the current collection thresholds as a tuple of (threshold0, threshold1, threshold2).

isenabled() - Returns true if automatic collection is enabled.

set_debug(flags) - Set the garbage collection debugging flags.

set_threshold(threshold0[, threshold1[, threshold2]]) - Set the garbage collection thresholds (the collection frequency).