PHP YP/NIS Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on YP/NIS functions in the PHP source code builder.

array yp_cat ( string $domain , string $map ) - Returns all map entries.

string yp_err_string ( int $errorcode ) - Returns the error message associated with the given error code. Useful to indicate what exactly went wrong.

int yp_errno ( void ) - Returns the error code of the previous operation.

array yp_first ( string $domain , string $map ) - Gets the first key-value pair from the named map in the named domain.

string yp_get_default_domain ( void ) - Returns the default domain of the node. Can be used as the domain parameter for successive NIS calls.

string yp_master ( string $domain , string $map ) - Returns the machine name of the master NIS server for a map.

string yp_match ( string $domain , string $map , string $key ) - Returns the value associated with the passed key out of the specified map.

array yp_next ( string $domain , string $map , string $key ) - Returns the next key-value pair in the named map after the specified key.

int yp_order ( string $domain , string $map ) - Gets the order number for a map.