PHP YAZ Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on YAZ functions in the PHP source code builder.

string yaz_addinfo ( resource $id ) - Returns additional error information for the last request on the server.

void yaz_ccl_conf ( resource $id , array $config ) - This function configures the CCL query parser for a server with definitions of access points (CCL qualifiers) and their mapping to RPN.

bool yaz_ccl_parse ( resource $id , string $query , array &$result ) - This function invokes a CCL parser.

bool yaz_close ( resource $id ) - Closes the connection given by parameter id.

mixed yaz_connect ( string $zurl [, mixed $options ] ) - This function returns a connection resource on success, zero on failure.

bool yaz_database ( resource $id , string $databases ) - This function allows you to change databases within a session by specifying one or more databases to be used in search, retrieval, etc.

bool yaz_element ( resource $id , string $elementset ) - This function sets the element set name for retrieval.

int yaz_errno ( resource $id ) - Returns an error number for the server (last request) identified by id.

string yaz_error ( resource $id ) -

void yaz_es ( resource $id , string $type , array $args ) - This function prepares for an Extended Service Request. Extended Services is family of various Z39.50 facilities, such as Record Update, Item Order, Database administration etc.

array yaz_es_result ( resource $id ) - This function inspects the last returned Extended Service result from a server.

string yaz_get_option ( resource $id , string $name ) - Returns the value of the option specified with name.

int yaz_hits ( resource $id [, array &$searchresult ] ) - yaz_hits() returns the number of hits for the last search.

void yaz_itemorder ( resource $id , array $args ) - This function prepares for an Extended Services request using the Profile for the Use of Z39.50 Item Order Extended Service to Transport ILL (Profile/1).

bool yaz_present ( resource $id ) - This function prepares for retrieval of records after a successful search.

void yaz_range ( resource $id , int $start , int $number ) - Specifies a range of records to retrieve.

string yaz_record ( resource $id , int $pos , string $type ) - The yaz_record() function inspects a record in the current result set at the position specified by parameter pos.

void yaz_scan ( resource $id , string $type , string $startterm [, array $flags ] ) - This function prepares for a Z39.50 Scan Request on the specified connection.

array yaz_scan_result ( resource $id [, array &$result ] ) -

void yaz_schema ( resource $id , string $schema ) - yaz_schema() specifies the schema for retrieval.

bool yaz_search ( resource $id , string $type , string $query ) - yaz_search() prepares for a search on the given connection.

void yaz_set_option ( resource $id , string $name , string $value ) -

void yaz_sort ( resource $id , string $criteria ) - This function sets sorting criteria and enables Z39.50 Sort.

void yaz_syntax ( resource $id , string $syntax ) - yaz_syntax() specifies the preferred record syntax for retrieval

mixed yaz_wait ([ array &$options ] ) -