PHP WDDX Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on WDDX functions in the PHP source code builder.

bool wddx_add_vars ( resource $packet_id , mixed $var_name [, mixed $... ] ) - Serializes the passed variables and add the result to the fiven packet.


string wddx_packet_end ( resource $packet_id ) - Ends and returns the given WDDX packet.

resource wddx_packet_start ([ string $comment ] ) - Start a new WDDX packet for incremental addition of variables. It automatically creates a structure definition inside the packet to contain the variables.

string wddx_serialize_value ( mixed $var [, string $comment ] ) - Creates a WDDX packet from a single given value.

string wddx_serialize_vars ( mixed $var_name [, mixed $... ] ) - Creates a WDDX packet with a structure that contains the serialized representation of the passed variables.

mixed wddx_unserialize ( string $packet ) - Unserializes a WDDX packet.