PHP SESAM Database Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on SESAM Database functions in the PHP source code builder.

int sesam_affected_rows ( string $result_id ) - Gets the number of rows affected by an immediate query.

bool sesam_commit ( void ) - Commits any pending updates to the database.

bool sesam_connect ( string $catalog , string $schema , string $user ) - Establishes a connection to a SESAM database handler task. The connection is always persistent in the sense that only the very first invocation will actually load the driver from the configured SESAM OML PLAM library. Subsequent calls will reuse the driver and will immediately use the given catalog, schema, and user.

array sesam_diagnostic ( void ) - Returns status information for last SESAM call.

bool sesam_disconnect ( void ) - Closes the logical link to a SESAM database (without actually disconnecting and unloading the driver).

string sesam_errormsg ( void ) - Gets the SESAM error message associated with the most recent SESAM error.

string sesam_execimm ( string $query ) - Executes an immediate statement.

array sesam_fetch_array ( string $result_id [, int $whence [, int $offset ]] ) -

mixed sesam_fetch_result ( string $result_id [, int $max_rows ] ) - Fetches a result, optionally limited to max_rows.

array sesam_fetch_row ( string $result_id [, int $whence [, int $offset ]] ) - Fetches one row of data from the result associated with the specified result identifier. The row is returned as an array (indexed by values between 0 and $array[count]-1).

array sesam_field_array ( string $result_id ) - Returns a mixed associative/indexed array with meta information (column name, type, precision, ...) about individual columns of the result after the query associated with result_id.

int sesam_field_name ( string $result_id , int $index ) - Gets the field name.

bool sesam_free_result ( string $result_id ) - Releases resources for the query.

int sesam_num_fields ( string $result_id ) -

string sesam_query ( string $query [, bool $scrollable ] ) - sesam_query() sends a query to the currently active database on the server. It can execute both immediate SQL statements and select type queries.

bool sesam_rollback ( void ) - sesam_rollback() discards any pending updates to the database. Also affected are result cursors and result descriptors.

bool sesam_seek_row ( string $result_id , int $whence [, int $offset ] ) - Sets the scrollable cursor mode for subsequent fetches.

bool sesam_settransaction ( int $isolation_level , int $read_only ) - Overrides the default values for the isolation level and read-only transaction parameters (which are set in the SESAM configuration file), in order to optimize subsequent queries and guarantee database consistency. The overridden values are used for the next transaction only. See the SESAM handbook for detailed explanation of the semantics.