PHP ID3 Functions

EditRocket provides the following information on ID3 functions in the PHP source code builder.

string id3_get_frame_long_name ( string $frameId ) - id3_get_frame_long_name() returns the long name for an ID3v2 frame.

string id3_get_frame_short_name ( string $frameId ) - id3_get_frame_short_name() returns the short name for an ID3v2 frame.

int id3_get_genre_id ( string $genre ) - id3_get_genre_id() returns the id for a genre.

array id3_get_genre_list ( void ) - id3_get_genre_list() returns an array containing all possible genres that may be stored in an ID3 tag. This list has been created by Eric Kemp and later extended by WinAmp.

string id3_get_genre_name ( int $genre_id ) - id3_get_genre_name() returns the name for a genre id.

array id3_get_tag ( string $filename [, int $version ] ) - id3_get_tag() is used to get all information stored in the id3 tag of the specified file.

int id3_get_version ( string $filename ) - id3_get_version() retrieves the version(s) of the ID3 tag(s) in the MP3 file.

bool id3_remove_tag ( string $filename [, int $version ] ) - id3_remove_tag() is used to remove the information stored of an ID3 tag.

bool id3_set_tag ( string $filename , array $tag [, int $version ] ) - id3_set_tag() is used to change the information stored of an ID3 tag. If no tag has been present, it will be added to the file.